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A Google Update Brewing?

The continuous WebmasterWorld line has a awesome uptick in gossip this few days beginning around Weekend but remaining powerful throughout Weekend on position changes and visitors changes.

It looks like the changes began later Weekend when participant, backdraft7, said:

Looks like somebody triggered on the system wire on our hosting server again. NO visitors for lengthy stretches these days. 20 and 30 moment times of definitely NOTHING! Well, at least it can’t get any more intense that zero? Can it? Come on what gives? I’m still in the search results, but ZERO? Did every on the globe die?

Several SEOs and website owners also observed significant changes afterwards.

Another SEO included, “Traffic STOPPED absolutely Half an hour or so ago. WOW is all I can say…”

Like all position variations mentioned in these discussions, it doesn’t mean there was a international upgrade or anything. It can be website particular or even a bug with the website or Search engines.

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