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Engineering Student
Bachelor of Electrical Engineering with Specialization in Electronics at the Delhi Technological University.
Delhi, India

I would suggest you get some knowledge about the technologies specific to your interests. They will encourage you and help you chose the right field. Read science magazines, they will keep you updated on what’s happening in your field…

I had a lot of interest in automotive when I was in secondary school. At first, I wanted to be a Electrical Engineer. While in higher secondary school, I found myself more interested in the control systems and electronics used in automotives. That was when I decided to pursue engineering.

I find it to be the most interesting part of engineering so far. It basically involves the control of hardware through software. Some examples include the Intel Microprocessor in your PC, or the cell phone in your hand. They all include a hardware chip, called a microcomputer,which performs a specific task as specified by its software. This area requires proficient logic and algorithm design skills.After taking two courses in this area, I find that my programming and software skills are much better. My grades and my teachers helped me decide to focus on this area. I chose this area while in the second year of my studies .

I guess time management and prioritizing your tasks. If you do can’t find balance, it will be difficult to
manage everything. If you are unable to complete your coursework and tasks, your grades will be affected. If you don’t engage in extra-curricular and co-curricular activities, you may be less well-rounded. If you don’t do research work apart from your courses, you will not be up to date on the latest innovations. So, in short, all of this requires proper time management. If you are successful in your time management, you will get the most out of every activity.

The most rewarding aspect is the feeling you have when you get to know how engineering applies to the world around you. When I get to know the practical aspects of hardware or technology in my coursework, it helps to
increase my interest in the field.

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