ASP. NET interview Question- Part 4

  1. Is there any event named “ModeChanged”?  
    There is a event such as mode changed that is available in DetailView Control. It take place whenever DetailsView attempts to change between mode of edit,insert and read-only. DetailsView also supports “ModeChanging” event.
  2. 2. What are the common security threats for any ASP.NET application?
    Common threats that are associated with ASP.NET application are as follows:-
    SQL Injection
    Storing Password in simple format
    Cross side scripting
    No user input validation
  3. 3. Is it possible to delete application’s settings?
    It is possible to delete application’s setting. It consist of three arguments Application Name, Key and Section name. When all the above are present it deletes the specified key.
    DeleteSettings(“testApp”) ‘ Deletes all setting of testapp.4. Is there any difference between Ucase and toUpper?
    In terms of functionality both are the same.

    5. How to print all the variables in the session?
    It is possible by using special keys we can be able to print all the session variable.

    6. What is the difference between Session.Abandon and Session.Clear()?
    Session.Abandon() will end current session by firing Session_End and in the next request, Session_Start will be fire.
    Session.Clear( ) just clears the session data without killing it. With session.clear variable is not removed from memory it just like giving value null to this session.
    Session ID will remain same in both cases, as long as the browser is not closed.

    7. Where do you store the information about the user locale?

    8. What is the size of the session ID?
    The size of the session ID is 32 bit long integer.

    9. What is PLINQ?
    PLINQ stands for parallel LINQ. It is the parallel implementation of LINQ to objects.

    10. How will make strings with TitleCase?
    With dynamic pages, sometimes you need to create titles dynamically. At such stage you can not go back to check whether they are stored in proper Title case or not. To make this task happen you can use string class provided toUpper() and toLower() methods but that would be much time consuming and tedious job. You can use, titlecase() method to make it single linear task.

    11. What is smart navigation in .NET?

    1. The scroll position of a Web page is maintained after postback.
    2. The element focus on a Web page is maintained during navigation.
    3.   Only the most recent Web page state is retained in the Web browser history folder.
    4.  The flicker effect that may occur on a Web page during navigation is minimized.

    12. What is Captacha?
    CAPTCHA stands for Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell computers and Human Apart.
    It is used to stop spamming as using web bots the process of sign up or submitting feedback can be made automatic. But having Captcha as additional level input stops web bots from doing successful spamming as web bots cannot read Captcha image content.

    13. What are the different level of settings are available for configure cookies in browser?
    Listed cookies available on browser:-
    Block Cookies
    Accept cookies

    14. What is IsPostback property in and how does it work?
    Postback property indicates whether the page is used for the first time. This property checks for __VIEWSTATE or __EVENTTARGET parameter in Request object. if these parameters are absent that means it is requested for the first time and if these parameters are present then this request is not first request.

    15. What is the difference between TransferRequest and Transfer method?
    TransferRequest: It Performs asynchronous execution for the URL provided.
    Transfer: current page execution is terminated and starts execution for the URL provided.

    16. Which namespace are the generic collection are located?
    Generic collection are located in the namespace System.Collection.Generic.

    17. Is it possible to create cookies with key?
    It is possible to create cookies using keys. Cookies is a dictionary at the time of initialization, if key is specified with it.

    18. Is it possible to use InProc mode for sessionState in case of web garden?
    It’s not possible. As InProc mode is dependent on the worker process and in case of web garden, we have multiple worker process so session handling becomes difficult. Either we can use StateServer or SQL server mode for web garden.

    19. What is persistent and non-persistent cookie?
    Non Persistent Cookies:- It is Temporary Cookies which get’s stored in browser’s memory.
    Persistent Cookie: – It is a permanent cookie that is stored in the user machine.

    20. What is the difference between ResolveUrl and ResolveClientUrl?
    ResolveUrl – Returns URL relative to the site root using control’s TemplateSourceDirectory property.
    ResolveClientUrl – Returns URL relative to the folder containing the source file in which the control is instantiated.


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