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Current Affairs Quiz 12th November 2017


1) Name the first women to be elected as the President of NASSCOM with effect from March 2018. A) Kaku Nakhate B) Debjani Ghosh C) Meg Whitman D) Shanti Ekambaram B) Debjani Ghosh 2)Which among the given organization has been named as the recipient of the Mother Teresa Memorial Award …

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Download All Microsoft Excel Formula and Functions

Excel formulas can be used for basic number crunching, such as addition or subtraction, as well as more complex calculations, such as payroll deductions, finding a student’s average on test results, and calculating mortgage payments. Additionally, if the formula is entered correctly and the data used in the formula changes, …

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What exactly is a keyword?

exactly is a keyword

If you are an SEO newbie, you may be wondering—what is a keyword? A keyword is any phrase you would like your site to rank for in Google’s search results. A keyword can be a single word, or a keyword can also be a combination of words. If you are …

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Authority, trust & relevance. Three powerful SEO strategies explained.


Google has evolved considerably from its humble origins in 1993. Eric Schmidt, former CEO of Google, once reported that Google considered over 200 factors to determine which sites rank higher in the results. Today, Google has well over 200 factors. Google assesses how many links are pointing to your site, …

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Current Affairs Quiz 6th November 2017

Commonwealth Shooting Championship

1.Which country launches two BeiDou-3 navigation satellites recently ? A.China B.Pakistan C.India D.Japan A.China 2.How many billion dollars are invested on Three-day mega food fair ? A.10 billion dollars B.15 billion dollars C.38 billion dollars D.19 billion dollars D.19 billion dollars 3.Which company CDQ Facility is provided recently ? A.Tata …

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Current Affairs Quiz 5th November 2017

magic island maker

(1) Which of the following states will hold ‘Nobel Prize Series — India 2018 (Science Impacts Life)’ in February 2018? (A) Goa (B) Gujarat (C) Maharashtra (D) Madhya Pradesh ANS- (A) Goa (2) Which of the following country unveiled Asia’s largest artificial island-building ship dubbed as “magic island maker”? (A) …

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5 Major Types for Your Online Information Products Contents


If you’re trying to sell an online product, especially an information product, there are 5 types of content that usually used by many expert mar keters on the net. 1. “How to Guide/Manual”. This is the most popular types of information product. This is also usually the most popular types …

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New Dunia – यही वो दो समन्दर है

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यही वो दो समन्दर है जिसका जिक्र भगवान ने शिव महा पुराण में किया है जो आपस में कभी नही मिलते. देखने के बाद इस विडियो को आगे भी सेयेर करे ताकि दूसरे लोग भी देख सके,

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5 Success Factors in Affiliate Program


Not every affiliate program is good to joined with. There are some factors that determine whether the affiliate program is good or not. First factor is demand. Find a profitable market before you take any affiliate program. With a bigger market size, it will be easier to promote your affiliate …

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How To Boost Your Traffic Using Expired Domains?

Expired Domains

If you want to have a website, then you will need to buy a domain name. This is the address for your site. Users will need to type it to enter your website. Domain name is very important to let people know what type of business you have just by …

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