Benefits of a Subdomain — Does Search engines Like Subdomains?


Search engines love subdomains. They think subdomains are completely excellent Web designs.

I really do not comprehend the SEO attraction with subdomains. Either they are trying to beat them out absolutely, shouting “subdomains are dead!’, or they are looking for methods to levearge subdomains into new advantages for seo.

If you want an advantages over the competitors just surf Soldier Community, WebmasterWorld, SEOmoz, SEOBook, SEO Talk, and every other well-known SEO weblog and forum. Create up a record of all their guidance and then put that in the type of “DO NOT DO THIS SHIT.” Anything else will be offbeat enough that your opponents will not have an idea what you are doing.

Following the audience — doing what everyone else is doing — constantly following in the actions of individuals who discuss their awesome concepts and findings with you keeps you in the back. You will always be duplicating someone else expecting to do it again their achievements. And you’ll have a lot of organization, too.

You can certainly claim that everyone needs to understand the fundamentals somewhere, and doing what the SEO weblogs and boards tell you to do should help you get up to rate. But when you have selected all the low-hanging fruits and it’s a chance to begin going up the plants you are going to discover that “SEO 101″-grade guidance just does not cut the mustard.

The actual factors is not seated in some personal selection of stored SEO tricks — it’s awaiting you to determine it out on your own because each Web page is different, each set of search engines look for responds in a different way, and everything changes eventually.

I use subdomains all enough time. I have never run into any of the nightmarish issues that other SEOs grumble about. People finder for my subdomains just as much as they look for for my websites. That is all brand-quality visitors. And my subdomains position for a large number of useful browser issues. That is all long-tail visitors. And my subdomains get sitelinks, and display my image, and do all that other awesome SEO factors that individuals create such a big hassle over.

I do not use subdomains because they are the key to achievements. Sure, they create some factors simpler (and less expensive) but I could just as quickly use files. It makes no difference.

The advantages a subdomain gives you are easy and straight-forward:

The subdomain is 100 % free. You do not have to pay for it if you own the sector.
The subdomain allows you put search phrases before the product in the URL (if you proper value that).
The subdomain can have its own absolutely separated web host consideration (more secure).
The subdomain can have its own IP deal with (might help with fill management).
The subdomain can have its own style and routing.

This is all cash secured. But then, you can create a record of the key advantages of using files and say the same thing: it’s all cash secured.


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