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A Google Update Brewing?

Google IO 2017: All the announcements in one place!

google i/o

Google I/O 2017, this year’s installment of Google’s annual developer conference, is starting today. It will feature a vast array of announcements from Google divisions from across the spectrum, Android being just one of them. We won’t get updates on every single Google project that’s made news or been leaked over the preceding …

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New Element Of html5

html5 new elements <!–…–> Specifies a comment <!DOCTYPE> Specifies the document type <a> Specifies a hyperlink <abbr> Specifies an abbreviation <address> Specifies an address element <area> Specifies an area inside an image map <article> Specifies an article NEW <aside> Specifies content aside from the page content NEW <audio> Specifies sound …

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