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Current Affair Questions 2 December 2017

1. Which Indian actress was appointed as UN Environment Goodwill Ambassador for India recently? a) Priyanka Chopra b) Kareena Kapoor c) Dia Mirza d) Aishwariya Rai c) Dia Mirza 2....

Current Affairs 1 December 2017

1- Name the world’s first Sanskrit 3D film which was screened at the 48th International Film Festival in Goa? A. Punjakendram B. Siddharta C. Vasara D. Anurakthi ANSWER: D 2-SOUBHAGYA Scheme is related to________ A....

Current Affairs Quiz 12th November 2017

1) Name the first women to be elected as the President of NASSCOM with effect from March 2018. A) Kaku Nakhate B) Debjani Ghosh C) Meg Whitman D)...
Athletics Championships

Current Affairs Quiz 16th October 2017

1 . According to a report, SEBI Chairman ____________ has been named among the top 10 regulators in the world A). Sunil Kakar B). Dilip Chauhan C)....

Current Affairs Quiz 15th October 2017

1. Amin village in Kurukshetra district of Haryana is renamed as ________. A. Abinampur B. Alkotpur C. Abhimanyupur D. Surja E. Jalkheri C. Abhimanyupur 2. Which committee was appointed to...
Skill India Mission

Current Affairs Quiz 14th October 2017

1. Which two Indian ships would be participating in the Passage Exercise with Japanese Marine Self Defence Force? a) INS Satpura and Kadmatt b) INS Viraat and...
Anupam Kher

Current Affairs Quiz 13th October 2017

1. On October 10, 2017, which State/UT unveiled a new policy regarding Internet of Things and e-waste? A. Delhi B. Puducherry C. Maharashtra D. Telangana D. Telangana 2. Who ties...

Hindi Paheliya 2

मान लीजिये आप बस में 10 सवारियों के साथ सफर कर रहे हैं। पहले स्टैंड पे 2 उतरी और 4 सवारियां चढ़ी दूसरे स्टैंड पे...

Hindi Paheli

लाल हरे काले , खट्टे मीठे रस से भरे , खाने मे लगते बड़े स्वाद , कोई जानता है इनका नाम ?

Hindi Paheli – Bimar nahi rehti main phir bhi khaati hu goli

beingchinmay May 9, 2017 GENERAL KNOWLEDGE 244 Views   Check Also     टीम इंडिया के...

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