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Current Affairs Quiz 11th November 2017


1. Which Country has Re-Elected as member of Executive Board of United Nations Educational, Scientific and cultural organization (UNESCO)? A. Russia B. India C. China D. Japan Answer B. India 2. Which of the following city hosting the first ever Nordic-Baltic Youth film festival in India? A. Andhrapradesh B. Telangana …

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Download All Microsoft Excel Formula and Functions

Excel formulas can be used for basic number crunching, such as addition or subtraction, as well as more complex calculations, such as payroll deductions, finding a student’s average on test results, and calculating mortgage payments. Additionally, if the formula is entered correctly and the data used in the formula changes, …

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Current Affairs Quiz 4th November 2017


1. The first edition of Prabal Dostyk the military exercise between India and Kazakhstan was held in which year? A. 2016 B. 2017 C. 2013 D. 2015 ANSWER: A 2. India, Kazakhstan armies have begun the joint military exercise in which state? A. Jammu and Kashmir B. Bihar C. Himachal …

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Current Affairs Quiz 3rd November 2017

1.Who has inaugurated the Global Clubfoot Conference in New Delhi? A. Arun Jaitley B. Ram Nath Govind C. Prakash Javadekar D. Nitin Gadkari Answer: B 2.Who is the India’s Next High Commissioner to Pakistan? A. Suresh Rajan B. Sohail Mahmood C. Vijay K. Nambiar D. Ajay Bisaria Answer: D 3.Who …

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Current Affairs Quiz 17th October 2017

ibm-cross-border payments

Q.1) INDRA-2017 is the Joint Exercise Between India and _________armed Forces. a) China b) Japan c) Russia d) USA e) UK c) Russia Q.2) Name the youngest Indian Actor who will begetting the statueto join Madame Tussauds Hong Kong with those of Mahatma Gandhi, Narendra Modi and Amitabh Bachchan currently …

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Current Affairs Quiz 16th October 2017

Athletics Championships

1 . According to a report, SEBI Chairman ____________ has been named among the top 10 regulators in the world A). Sunil Kakar B). Dilip Chauhan C). Vishpala Reddy D). Ajay Tyagi D). Ajay Tyagi 2 . Noted Odia poet and short story writer _________ will be honoured with the …

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Seven Truths of Career Success, for Both Good Times and Bad


1. The Most Qualified Candidate Does Not Necessarily Get the Job Offer Many times, candidates with lesser qualifications get job offers simply because they’ve prepared and presented themselves in a more compelling way. In other words, they’re better self-marketers than the other candidates. In a tight job market, being qualified …

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Current Affairs Quiz 15th October 2017


1. Amin village in Kurukshetra district of Haryana is renamed as ________. A. Abinampur B. Alkotpur C. Abhimanyupur D. Surja E. Jalkheri C. Abhimanyupur 2. Which committee was appointed to examine the operational preparedness of the armed forces? A. Committee on Estimates B. Committee on Public Undertakings C. Committee on …

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Current Affairs Quiz 14th October 2017

Skill India Mission

1. Which two Indian ships would be participating in the Passage Exercise with Japanese Marine Self Defence Force? a) INS Satpura and Kadmatt b) INS Viraat and Kamorta c) INS Sahyadri and Tarkash d) INS Vikrant and Vikramaditya a) INS Satpura and Kadmatt  2. What is the theme of the International Day …

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Current Affairs Quiz 13th October 2017

Anupam Kher

1. On October 10, 2017, which State/UT unveiled a new policy regarding Internet of Things and e-waste? A. Delhi B. Puducherry C. Maharashtra D. Telangana D. Telangana 2. Who ties up with Bajaj Finserv? A. LG B. Samsung C. Nokia D. Apple A. LG 3. Which Municipal corporation of Gujarat …

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