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Current Affair Questions 2 December 2017


1. Which Indian actress was appointed as UN Environment Goodwill Ambassador for India recently? a) Priyanka Chopra b) Kareena Kapoor c) Dia Mirza d) Aishwariya Rai c) Dia Mirza 2. India’s first crypto-currency exchange ‘Coinome’ was launched by which payment gateway? a) Zabpay b) Unicoin c) Payzippy d) Billdesk d) …

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Current Affairs 1 December 2017

1- Name the world’s first Sanskrit 3D film which was screened at the 48th International Film Festival in Goa? A. Punjakendram B. Siddharta C. Vasara D. Anurakthi ANSWER: D 2-SOUBHAGYA Scheme is related to________ A. Electricity B. Roads C. Internet D. Insurance ANSWER: A 3-PM Narendra Modi flagged off which metro rail project recently? …

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Current Affairs 27 November 2017

1-India joins hands with which country to boost mutual ties in IT renewable energy? A. Finland B. England C. Singapore D. China ANSWER: A 2-In Which Indian State the 2017 Korea Tourism Festival has been organized? A. Maharashtra B. Karnataka C. Haryana D. Gujarat ANSWER: C 3-Who appointed as the DGP of Andhra …

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Current Affairs 17 November 2017

Vijay Sharma

1.According to an official statement, water level drops to ___ in 91 major reservoirs across India? A. 62% B. 50% C. 66% D. 71% C. 66% 2. Hindu Mahasabha pays tribute to? A. Nathuram Godse B. Mahatma Gandhi C. Lala Lajpat Rai D. Gopal Godse A. Nathuram Godse 3. Former …

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Current Affairs Quiz 16th November 2017

1. Which government extends reservation to forward class? A. Haryana B. Delhi C. Kerala D. Bihar C. Kerala 2. New GST rates got effective from November __ 2017?  A. 15 B. 16 C. 13 D. 12 A. 15 3. As per new GST got effective, 178 everyday items are reduced …

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Current Affairs Quiz 14th November 2017

1. Where in India will be the first Military Literature Festival organised ? A. Jaipur B. Chandigarh C. Indore D. Bhubaneshwar B. Chandigarh 2. Which is the top country in the world according to the Global Climate Risk Index to face extreme weather conditions ? A. Fiji B. Srilanka C. …

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Current Affairs Quiz 13th November 2017

Pankaj Advani

1. Borut Pahor recently won a second term as the President of which nation? a) Egypt b) Armenia c) Slovenia d) Libya Ans (c) Slovenia 2. Fire has destroyed the oldest archaeological site located in which country? a) Egypt b) Peru c) India d) Brazil Ans (b) Peru 3. The …

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Current Affairs Quiz 12th November 2017


1) Name the first women to be elected as the President of NASSCOM with effect from March 2018. A) Kaku Nakhate B) Debjani Ghosh C) Meg Whitman D) Shanti Ekambaram B) Debjani Ghosh 2)Which among the given organization has been named as the recipient of the Mother Teresa Memorial Award …

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Current Affairs Quiz 11th November 2017


1. Which Country has Re-Elected as member of Executive Board of United Nations Educational, Scientific and cultural organization (UNESCO)? A. Russia B. India C. China D. Japan Answer B. India 2. Which of the following city hosting the first ever Nordic-Baltic Youth film festival in India? A. Andhrapradesh B. Telangana …

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Current Affairs Quiz-10th November 2017


(1) Who resigned British Minister post recently? (A) Suresh Kumar (B) Dinesh Raj (C) Vijay Prakash (D) Priti Patel (Answer) D (2) Which country is re-elected Member of UNESCOs Executive Board? (A) India (B) Pakistan (C) Iran (D) China (Answer) A (3) Who joins forces with NASA to develop flying …

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