Upgrading and Replacing Motherboards

Mother Board

When upgrading a motherboard or processor, several issues must be taken into account. The following list guides a technician through making the decision (or helping a customer make the decision) of whether to upgrade a motherboard   ● Why is the computer being upgraded? For example, does the computer need …

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Laptop Internal Components

Figure 1-36 shows the inside of a laptop case after the cover on the bottom of the laptop has been removed. Here is a list of important components, most of which you can see in the photo:   Battery pack. The battery pack is not shown because you always remove …

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What do you do with your computer?

Different things you do create different amounts of work for your computer. The typist using an ancient DOS version of WordPerfect places relatively small demands on a computer. The host for a network game tournament needs some memory, a decent processor (also called a central processing unit, or CPU), and …

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How to Install or Replace a Motherboard

When you purchase a motherboard, the package comes with the board, I/O shield, documentation, drivers, and various screws, cables, and connectors. When you replace a motherboard, you pretty much have to disassemble an entire computer, install the new motherboard, and reassemble the system, which you learned to do earlier. The …

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Motherboard Types and Features

A motherboard is the most complicated component in a computer. When you put together a computer from parts, generally you start with deciding which processor and motherboard you will use. Everything else follows these two decisions. Take a look at the details of , which shows a microATX motherboard by …

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Power Supply Tester

A power supply tester is used to measure the output of each connector coming from the power supply. You can test the power supply when it is outside or inside the case. As you saw earlier  the power supply provides several cables and connectors that power various components inside the …

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If you have to deal with the older bus types, you may encounter Industry Standard Architecture (ISA) cards. The choice for most desktop systems manufactured after about 1995 was between ISA and PCI. For a traditional Ethernet network running at 10 Mbps or a Token Ring network running at 4 …

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