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How To Choose A Good Domain Name?


In the internet marketing, your domain name is the only clue for the users to know what your online business is. You do not have visual clues, no location, no look, and no store design. Users have to type your domain name to come to your site. People won’t know …

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PPC Interview Questions and Answers

PPC Questions and Ans

1. What is PPC marketing? PPC means Pay Per Click. It’s a marketing strategy to drive traffic to our website via search engines and partner sites. Advertiser will only pay if he receives the visit click on his ads. 2. What is meant by Campaign Management? Campaign management is a …

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How to Access the World Wide Web — Web Browsers

There are two types of browsers: 1. Graphical: Text, images, audio, and video are retrievable through a graphical software program such as Netscape Navigator and Internet Explorer. These browsers are ava ilable for both Windows-based and Macintosh computers. Navigation is accomplished by pointing and clicking with a mouse on highlighted …

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ASP.NET Interview Question Part-2

1) How does the cookies work in asp.net? When a cookie is created it will be stored in the user’s hard disk. When the user visits a site the next time the browser sends all the cookies to the server. 2) What is the difference between Dataset. clone() and Dataset.copy()? …

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Local Area Network

Soon after the first IBM PCs hit the market in the 1980s and rapidly became accepted as a business tool, the advantages of connecting these small computers became obvious. Rather than supplying every computer with its own printer, a network of computers could share a single printer. When one user needed …

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Will Low PR Backlinks hurt your online presence?

The answer is probably not. Low PR Backlinks will certainly not hurt your online presence but it will not do you any good either. You may have several low PR Backlinks yet it will not raise your PR as fast as a high PR Backlink would do. However, you must …

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Benefits of a Subdomain — Does Search engines Like Subdomains?

Search engines love subdomains. They think subdomains are completely excellent Web designs. I really do not comprehend the SEO attraction with subdomains. Either they are trying to beat them out absolutely, shouting “subdomains are dead!’, or they are looking for methods to levearge subdomains into new advantages for seo. If …

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