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New Update

Search Engine Friendly (SEO) Tips for ASP.Net Sites

Most often, we will create programs that are needed for automating a company procedure. In these circumstances, almost all our attempts are gone into the structure and style of how effectively we can manage the company sector in our program. If your program is focused to Online viewers, then there …

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SEO tips for your ASP.NET Website


When operating an internet company, greater part of our concentrate is on the style, structure of the web page and how effectively it shows our item. These are not the only things that are needed to pay attention to the unlimited Internet viewers. One need to keep in mind that …

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What is the Google Penguin Update?

As the lords and masters of the Search Engine Optimization industry, Google sets the rules. Updates to these rules generally take place in the form of updates to the algorithm that regulates the ranking of a given page for a query. These updates may be minor, such as tweaks that …

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July 2013 Google Webmaster Report

It was an incredibly busy month in the Google SEO/Webmaster world. Besides for Google announcing the spam algorithm, explaining about Panda’s slower rollouts, releasing a new mobile ranking factor and pushing out a multi-week update, we’ve also seen a ton of chatter around a few updates in the past 30 …

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Interview Question and Answer asp.net

Q : What are the 2 types of controls that you can use on a webform in ASP.NET? Ans : Web Server Controls HTML Controls Q : What’s the difference between Server controls and HTML controls? Ans : 1. Server controls can trigger control-specific events on the server.HTML controls can …

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New Google Penguin 2.0 Update

23 May 2013 Search engines launched the new edition of Penguin.  This is a extension of their first Penguin upgrade, intended to battle webspam.  It goes further with regards to sites and looks at not only the webpage, but inner webpages as well.  What this implies is that it is …

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