How to activate Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Office ?

Windows Activator

All Microsoft Products Activator This new software can definitely help you activate your version of operating system as well as MS Office whether it’s on your laptop or desktop computer. It able to activates older versions of OS as well as the latest version, including the Windows 10. To be …

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Upgrading and Replacing Motherboards

Mother Board

When upgrading a motherboard or processor, several issues must be taken into account. The following list guides a technician through making the decision (or helping a customer make the decision) of whether to upgrade a motherboard   ● Why is the computer being upgraded? For example, does the computer need …

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How to Install or Replace a Motherboard

When you purchase a motherboard, the package comes with the board, I/O shield, documentation, drivers, and various screws, cables, and connectors. When you replace a motherboard, you pretty much have to disassemble an entire computer, install the new motherboard, and reassemble the system, which you learned to do earlier. The …

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