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Baseband vs. Broadband

A baseband network is one in which the cable or other network medium can carry only a single signal at any one time. A broadband network, on the other hand, can carry multiple signals simultaneously, using a discrete part of the cable’s bandwidth for each signal. As an example of …

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What Is a Network?

At its core, a network is simply two (or more) connected computers. Computers can be connected with cables or telephone lines, or they can connect wirelessly with radio waves, fiber-optic lines, or even infrared signals. When computers are able to communicate, they can work together in a variety of ways: …

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What do you do with your computer?

Different things you do create different amounts of work for your computer. The typist using an ancient DOS version of WordPerfect places relatively small demands on a computer. The host for a network game tournament needs some memory, a decent processor (also called a central processing unit, or CPU), and …

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