Upgrading and Replacing Motherboards

Mother Board

When upgrading a motherboard or processor, several issues must be taken into account. The following list guides a technician through making the decision (or helping a customer make the decision) of whether to upgrade a motherboard   ● Why is the computer being upgraded? For example, does the computer need …

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Control Panel is one of the most important areas in Windows for configuring your computer. Although many of the applets in Control Panel can be accessed from elsewhere, Control Panel is the central location for these tools. There are several ways to access Control Panel, and these vary depending on …

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Laptop Internal Components

Figure 1-36 shows the inside of a laptop case after the cover on the bottom of the laptop has been removed. Here is a list of important components, most of which you can see in the photo:   Battery pack. The battery pack is not shown because you always remove …

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Baseband vs. Broadband

A baseband network is one in which the cable or other network medium can carry only a single signal at any one time. A broadband network, on the other hand, can carry multiple signals simultaneously, using a discrete part of the cable’s bandwidth for each signal. As an example of …

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What Is a Network?

At its core, a network is simply two (or more) connected computers. Computers can be connected with cables or telephone lines, or they can connect wirelessly with radio waves, fiber-optic lines, or even infrared signals. When computers are able to communicate, they can work together in a variety of ways: …

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ASP.NET Interview Question Part-2

1) How does the cookies work in asp.net? When a cookie is created it will be stored in the user’s hard disk. When the user visits a site the next time the browser sends all the cookies to the server. 2) What is the difference between Dataset. clone() and Dataset.copy()? …

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