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Motherboard Types and Features

A motherboard is the most complicated component in a computer. When you put together a computer from parts, generally you start with deciding which processor and motherboard you will use. Everything else follows these two decisions. Take a look at the details of , which shows a microATX motherboard by …

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Power Supply Tester

A power supply tester is used to measure the output of each connector coming from the power supply. You can test the power supply when it is outside or inside the case. As you saw earlier  the power supply provides several cables and connectors that power various components inside the …

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If you have to deal with the older bus types, you may encounter Industry Standard Architecture (ISA) cards. The choice for most desktop systems manufactured after about 1995 was between ISA and PCI. For a traditional Ethernet network running at 10 Mbps or a Token Ring network running at 4 …

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Local Area Network

Soon after the first IBM PCs hit the market in the 1980s and rapidly became accepted as a business tool, the advantages of connecting these small computers became obvious. Rather than supplying every computer with its own printer, a network of computers could share a single printer. When one user needed …

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What Is a Network?

At its core, a network is simply two (or more) connected computers. Computers can be connected with cables or telephone lines, or they can connect wirelessly with radio waves, fiber-optic lines, or even infrared signals. When computers are able to communicate, they can work together in a variety of ways: …

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