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Web Designing Tips

Converting from HTML4 to HTML5 and CSS


Since HTML5 is out, as a web developer, our next best thing is to convert our old HTML pages into new HTML5 pages to stay up-to-date. And how do we do that? very simple. Just you need to modify or change a few lines of your old HTML code. To …

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Interview Question For SEO

SEO Interview Questions: SEO Interviewing Questions and Answer>>> In the field of internet marketing Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has been emerged as an excellent method to promote a website that’s means promoting a website in search engine with motive to enhance the ranking in search engine page result. However, in …

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Web Designing

Did we ever estimate mobile cell mobile phones to battle computers? On the other, it is a well observed fact nowadays. What it generally indicates is that with technology you should “expect the amazing.”  Through amazing gadgets like pills, mobile mobile phones, netpads, etc we can access websites whenever they …

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