Current Affair 20 January 2018


1. Which social network Unveils Business App for Android?
B.Whatsapp Messenger

Answer: Option B

2. World’s largest underwater cave found in ___________.
A. France
B. Mexico
C. Iraq
D. Iran

Answer: Option B

3. Which small finance bank Inks MoU with LIC to Offer PMJJBY Scheme?
A. AU Small Finance Bank
B. Equitas Small Finance Bank
C. Federal Bank
D. Yes bank

Answer: Option A

4. Which state approved a Rs 4,000-crore project aimed at promoting climate-resilient agriculture?
A. Uttar Pradesh
B. Maharashtra
C. Jharkandh
D. Rajasthan

Answer: Option B

5. This state become first to to set up Blockchain Academy.
A. Karnataka
B. Tamil Nadu
C. Kerala
D. Andra Pradesh

Answer: Option C

6.What is the rank of India in FIFA rankings of 2018?
A. 90
B. 100
C. 99
D. 102

Answer: Option D

7. India became ___________ Member of Australia Group recently.
A. 43
B. 52
C. 32
D. 28

Answer: Option A

8. “Cloud AutoML”is launched by

Ans : a)Google

9. Eco mark’ is given to the Indian products that are

A. Pure and unadulterated
B. Rich in proteins
C. Environment friendly
D. Economically viable

Ans : C. Environment friendly

10.Which of the following has become the first state to achieve the door to door garbage collection target ?

C]Madhya Pradesh
D]Uttar Pradesh

Ans : C]Madhya Pradesh

11. Name the cricketer who is named as the captain of the International Cricket Council Test and One Day International teams of the year .

A]Steve Smith
B]Mahendra Singh Dhoni
C]Shoaib Malik
D]Virat Kohli
E]None of them

Ans : D]Virat Kohli

12. Government of India has signed an MoU with Confederation of India Industry (CII) to boost ______ .

A]Textile sector
B]Small Scale Industries
C]Agriculture Sector
D]Import and Export Performance
E]None of these

Ans : D]Import and Export Performance

13. Who is appointed as New DG of National Security Guard ?

A.Sudeep Lakhtakia
B.Naresh karthik
C.Vijay prakash
D.Suresh kumar

Ans : A.Sudeep Lakhtakia


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