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Current Affairs Quiz 7th October 2017

1) In the latest ranking released by FIFA, which country has topped among 211 countries?

A). Brazil

B). Germany

C). France

D). Denmark


B). Germany

2) International Day of Democracy was observed globally on ___________

A). 15 September

B). 16 September

C). 17 September

D). 18 September


A). 15 September

3) Amazon has tied up with ___________ to offer micro loans to its sellers.

A). Vijaya Bank

B). Indian Bank

C). Canara Bank

D). Bank of Baroda


D). Bank of Baroda

4) The world’s oldest person Violet Mosse-Brown from ________ has died at the age of 117.

A). Norway

B). Jamaica

C). Spain

D). Japan


B). Jamaica

5) Bollywood star ___________ has received a Global Diversity Award at Britain’s House of Commons.

A). Shah Rukh Khan

B). Amitabh Bachchan

C). Akshay Kumar

D). Salman Khan

 Global Diversity Award Salaman Khan

D). Salman Khan

6) Which country is conducting the biggest ever military drill named ‘The aurora’ exercise in over 20 years?

A). Belgium

B). Norway

C). Sweden

D). Netherlands


B). Norway

7) Which is the first English-language movie ‘Golden Lion’ award at 74th Venice Film Festival awards 2017?

A). Hannah

B). Jusqua la Garde

C). The Insult

D). The Shape of Water


D). The Shape of Water

8) In which city ISRO has set up a new Research Center ?

A]New Delhi







9) MobiKwik recently inked an agreement with which finance firm?

a) Mannapuram FInance
b) Bajaj Finance
c) HDFC Finance
d) Kotak Finance

b) Bajaj Finance

10) Britania’s largest plant will be operational in which state?
A. Maharashtra
B. Telangana
C. Andhra Pradesh
D. Karnataka

A. Maharashtra

11) Kerala High Court recently lifted a ban on which sport person?
A. S Sreesanth
B. Ajay Sharma
C. Ajay Jadeja
D. Manoj Prabhakar

A. S Sreesanth

12) Which country’s Internet service was disrupted recently?

a) Iran
b) Pakistan
c) Iraq
d) Bangaldesh

b) Pakistan

13) Which country’s scientists created the world’s fastest camera?

a) Russia
b) China
c) Fiji
d) Sweden

d) Sweden

14) Which of the following technology gaint has acquired data management platform Dataware?
A) Dell
B) Microsoft


15) Exide Life Insurance tied up with which bank to sell its insurance products?
A) Punjab and Maharashtra Cooperative bank
B) Odisha State Cooperative bank
C) Abhyudaya Cooperative bank
D) District Cooperative Central bank

A) Punjab and Maharashtra Cooperative bank

16) Which of the following country has banned initial coin offerings?
A) Japan
B) Myanmar
C) China
D) India

C) China

17) Which of the following state has launched “Jala Siriki Haarati” programme?

A) Telengana

B) Rajastha

C) Odisha

D) Andhra Pradesh


D) Andhra Pradesh

18) Australian fast bowler ____announced his retirement from first-class and one-day cricket,
a) Nathan Lyon
b) Usman Khwaja
c) John Hastings
d) Adam Gilchrist

c) John Hastings

19) Who has been appointed by Supreme Court as amicus on a plea seeking re-probe of Mahatma Gandhi murder?

a) Ashish Tripathi

b) Kallol Banerjee

c) Sheldon D’souza

d) Amrender Sharan

e) Chintan Goradia


d) Amrender Sharan

20) National Award-winner Kundan Shah has died at his age of 69.Who is he?

a) Director

b) Actor

c) Choreographer

d) Singer

e) Camera man


a) Director


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