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How to Access the World Wide Web — Web Browsers

There are two types of browsers:
1. Graphical: Text, images, audio, and video are retrievable through a graphical software program such as Netscape Navigator and Internet Explorer. These browsers are ava ilable for both Windows-based and Macintosh computers. Navigation is accomplished by pointing and clicking with a mouse on highlighted words and graphics. The current
version of Navigator is contained within a suite of programs called Netscape Communicator. You can install a graphical browser such as Netscape Navigator in your Windows-based or Macintosh machine. Navigator is available for downloading on the Netscape home page: http://home.netscape.com. To use the program to access the Web,
you need an Ethernet connection or a dialup connection known as a SLPP or PPP. The latter may be obtained from an Internet Service Provider.

2. Text: Lynx is a browser that provides access to the Web in text-only mode. Navigation is accomplished by highlighting emphasized words in the screen with the arrow up and down keys, and then pressing the forward arrow (or Enter) key to follow the link. This browser is available through your personal IBM, VAX, or UNIX account on campus.

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