How to get more people clicking on your rankings in Google.

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Meta tags have been widely misunderstood as mysterious pieces of code SEO professionals mess around with, and the secret to attaining top rankings. This couldn’t be further from the truth.

The function of meta tags is really quite simple. Meta tags are bits of code on your site controlling how your site appears in Google.

If you don’t fill out your meta tags, Google will automatically use text from your site to create your search listing. This is exactly what you don’t want Google to do, otherwise it can end up looking like gibberish! Fill out these tags correctly, and you can increase the number of people clicking to your site from the search engine ranking

Below is an example of the meta tag code.

<title>Being Chinmay Official</title>
<meta description=”Being Chinmay Official. Wide range of colors and sizes.”/>
<meta name=”robots” content=”noodp, noydir”/>
Below is an example of how a page with the above meta tag should appear as a search engine result in Google:

Being Chinmay Official
Being Chinmay Official. Wide range of colors and sizes.

Pretty simple, huh?

The title tag has a character limit of roughly 70 characters in Google. Use anymore than 70 characters and it is likely Google will truncate your title tag in the search engine results .

The meta description tag has a character limit of roughly 155 characters. Just like the title tag, Google will shorten your listing if it has any more than 155 characters in the tag.

The last meta robots tag indicates to Google you want to control how your listing appears in the search results. It’s good to include this, otherwise Google may ignore your tags and instead use those listed on other directories such as the Open Directory Project and the Yahoo Directory.

To change these tags on your site you have three options:

1. Use the software your site is built on. Most content management systems have the option to change these tags. If it
doesn’t, you may need to install a plugin to change these tags.

2. Speak with your web designer or web developer to manually change your Meta tags for you.

3. If you are a tech-savvy person and are familiar with HTML,you can change these tags in the code yourself.


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