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Whether we are renovating the house or buying a new one, a part of the house that we pay the maximum attention to is the kitchen. The kitchen is undoubtedly the most important part of the house and can be rightly called the ‘nerve center of the house’. Kitchens have witnessed the most cheerful conversations, where family gathers together, cook together and spend a great deal of amazing time. Kitchen interiors are a very crucial part while getting a house renovated or designed. We all plan our kitchen layout keeping in the mind various factors. The layout should be such that the place available for kitchen area is properly utilized in the best possible way. There are various kinds of layouts such as L-shaped, U-shape, straight shape, parallel shape, and an island or G-shape. Now, how our kitchen space is utilized totally depends on the type of layout we choose. It can also be vice versa, depending on the space available, people choose the suitable layout.

The kitchen layout must fulfill the following needs:

  1. Ample counter space is the most basic requirement. There should be enough counter space for making cooking convenient enough.
  2. Next comes the storage space. It should be spacious enough to fit all the appliances and storage units without making the kitchen look crowded and messy.
  3. Choose the layout in a way that there is enough privacy from the rest of the house.

Nowadays the most popular and compact layout in the urban kitchen is the L-shaped kitchen and that’s mainly because L-shape makes an excellent use of the space as compared to other layouts. Even after the optimum utilization, an L-shape layout makes the kitchen look spacious. Its ergonomics makes it the most popular and practical choice since it is suitable for any space. Irrespective of the space, the L-shape layout works the best facilitating an amazing flow of work since a work triangle is created in an L-shape kitchen. Since the workspace of an L-shape layout kitchen is located in the corner, there’s ample space for moving around the kitchen even if the kitchen space is not roomy enough. The work triangle of L-shape layout is such that it provides easy mobility thus offering ample foot space. You can effortlessly move between sinks, refrigerator, cabinets, stove and etc. You can easily fit in a dining hall since L-shape layout consumes the minimum space from the total kitchen space providing a good seating space. You can easily implement both contemporary and traditional cabinet system in an L-shape kitchen. The colour and design choices are broader for L-shape layout. Any décor or colour combination can be easily matched with the L-shape layout.

Choosing a right layout facilitates a good workflow in the kitchen. Therefore, it is important to study your kitchen space and thus matching it with the ergonomics of various layouts. The kitchen is the heart and soul of any house, putting that space to good use is thus very important.

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