New Google Penguin 2.0 Update


23 May 2013 Search engines launched the new edition of Penguin.  This is a extension of their first Penguin upgrade, intended to battle webspam.  It goes further with regards to sites and looks at not only the webpage, but inner webpages as well.  What this implies is that it is more essential than ever to create sure your on-page analytics are up to snuff as this new upgrade is expected to effect more sites than the unique Penguin upgrade did.

There are unique you can do to create sure your website does not run afoul of this new Penguin upgrade.  Again, the primary analytics that this upgrade will be looking at are onpage problems.  The key that I take away from what I listen to is that they are getting the whole website into account rather than depending on the webpage.  This is great information if you are conscious of this reality, as by going through your inner webpages and guaranteeing they are fresh and Search engines helpful you can place your website to take benefits of this upgrade.

One simple and fast factor you can do these days that will help your website is to run a Copyscape examine on each web page of your website.  Copyscape is a website that will evaluate your material with other material out there on the internet and let you know if your material is copied elsewhere. You can just click through to the website with the harmful material and Copyscape will tell you how many terms and what amount of the writing is copied.  If you discover copied material elsewhere on the web you should upgrade your material and modify it so that it is not leading to the copy material problems.  I know, if you had written the material you may experience breached, but believe in me it is simpler to re-write your material than trying to get it eliminated from the sites who have taken it!

Another factor you can do right now to help your website is to do a weblink examine.  Check all confident hyperlinks from your website and create sure that the sites they weblink to are still on the internet and are not spam or low top quality sites.  Connecting out to bad communities is not a great factor, we all know that.  With this upgrade, however, your whole website could be affected due to old hyperlinks that are on hidden inner webpages you may have neglected about.  Go do a once over on your website these days and create sure it is Penguin 2.0 prepared.

For those who are fascinated, here is the upgrade movie of He Cutts introducing the rollout:


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