SEO tips for your ASP.NET Website


ImageWhen operating an internet company, greater part of our concentrate is on the style, structure of the web page and how effectively it shows our item. These are not the only things that are needed to pay attention to the unlimited Internet viewers. One need to keep in mind that the main resource of viewers come from search engines such as Google, Google, Google and others. So the program or the web page should be able to adhere to easy guidelines and manage your company effectively. ASP.NET program is growing quickly and if you are using an ASP.NET web page few easy recommendations has to be regarded. The below described factors need to be implemented:

Page Titles
Page titles between tags is one important thing that many fail to practice in SEO. When a search is made in Google, these titles show up as links in the result. So that explains its importance. The common mistake among website owners is giving the same title for all pages. Page titles drive traffic to your site, hence it is important to have a proper title to attract visitors. Adding titles is not as hard as you imagine. If you have a product catalog use your product name as title. You can also choose to give a different title that is related to your product.
Meaningful URL
URLs that are long with query parameters do not look neat and it is difficult for the visitor to remember. Instead use formatted URLs for your static pages. URL which has a meaning explains the content in your website. Although experts agree with using an URL that has query parameters, it is better to have a meaningful URL. Components like UrlRewritingNet can be used for this purpose. Mapping support in URL is offered by IIS7 which has plenty of features.
Structure of the Content

Material without a framework is not possible. You will have headings, headings, sub headings, sections and others. How would you highlight some quotations or details in your content? If you follow the below described actions, the framework of your websites content will be semantically correct.
· Split long experiences or parts using headings. Short sections be preferable to the guests. Use labels to bring beauty to your websites content.
· If you want to highlight an essential point or quotation, place them between labels.
Visitors can create organized content if you use FCKEditor and the like. Developing these to your website is not complicated.

Clean the Source Code

Don’t panic, it is advisable to clean up the source code and minimize the number of codes. The following simple steps will assist you in cleaning the source code: You can use
  •  External stylesheets and not inline CSS
  • -js files instead of inline JavaScript
  •  HTML comments is not encouraged
  • Avoid massive line breaking
  • Avoid using viewstate when not required
The relation between the content and the code (JavaScript, HTML, CSS) determines the ranking of your website. Smaller source codes help build a strong relation.
Crawlable Site
  • Do not use
  • Silver or flash light for menus or to highlight information
  • Menus based on JavaScript
  • Menus based on buttons
  • Intro-pages Do use
  • Simple tags wherever possible
  • Sitemap
  •  “Alt” for images
  •  RSS

Test the Site

What happens to the requests that are sent when the site is slow? Sometimes requests are sent by robots and if they are unable to connect to your site continuously, they drop the site from their index. Enable your site to respond fast to requests even during peak hours. Moreover, visitors don’t like to visit slow sites. Use the various tools available and conduct the stress test for your site. Perform this and locate all the weak parts of the site. Fix them so that your site gets indexed.
Test the AJAX site
Spiders can only run a few parts of your AJAX website because they don’t run JavaScripts. Spiders can only analyze the data and hence they remain invisible to robots. The AJAX sites do not get indexed which does not help in search engine optimization. To make the site spider friendly, try and keep away from initial content loading into the JavaScript. You can also follow this only for pages that you like to index.  Make it easy for robots so that they can navigate. Try this simple trick to see how your AJAX site will appear to the robots. Disable JavaScript from the browser and visit your AJAX site. You can view the pages which robots will index.


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