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Current Affairs Quiz 17th October 2017

ibm-cross-border payments

Q.1) INDRA-2017 is the Joint Exercise Between India and _________armed Forces. a) China b) Japan c) Russia d) USA e) UK c) Russia Q.2) Name the youngest Indian Actor who will begetting the statueto join Madame Tussauds Hong Kong with those of Mahatma Gandhi, Narendra Modi and Amitabh Bachchan currently …

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Current Affairs Quiz 16th October 2017

Athletics Championships

1 . According to a report, SEBI Chairman ____________ has been named among the top 10 regulators in the world A). Sunil Kakar B). Dilip Chauhan C). Vishpala Reddy D). Ajay Tyagi D). Ajay Tyagi 2 . Noted Odia poet and short story writer _________ will be honoured with the …

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Current Affairs Quiz 15th October 2017


1. Amin village in Kurukshetra district of Haryana is renamed as ________. A. Abinampur B. Alkotpur C. Abhimanyupur D. Surja E. Jalkheri C. Abhimanyupur 2. Which committee was appointed to examine the operational preparedness of the armed forces? A. Committee on Estimates B. Committee on Public Undertakings C. Committee on …

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Current Affairs Quiz 6th October 2017

Current Affairs Quiz 5th October 2017 Check Your Ans http://wehelpline.com/current-affairs-quiz-5th-october-2017

1) The Union Cabinet has recently signed the Extradition Treaty between India and ___________ that would provide a legal framework for seeking extradition of terrorists and economic offenders. (a) Oman (b) Lithuania (c) Iran (d) Rwanda (e) Croatia   (b) Lithuania   2) The 8th conference of the Association of …

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Current Affairs Quiz 4th October 2017

Current Affairs

1) Which country has signed MoU with India on Technical Cooperation in Rail Sector? 1. Norway 2. Poland 3. Netherland 4. Switzerland 5. Sweden 4. Switzerland 2) The Central Government has approved for Turtle sanctuary development in ___________. 1. Kozhikode 2. Allahabad 3. Bhopal 4. Warangal 5. Ahmedabad 2. Allahabad …

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