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Web design is a mighty ocean and as a newbie web designer you may find it difficult to sail on your own. At this initial stage you must be worrying about a lot of things like creating great websites, satisfying your clients needs, adopting to and learning the best-in-class technology and a lot more as the list can go on and on. you can learn a lot from the exceptional work of the existing experts in web design that came before you, soak it in, this will certainly help you get a firm grip in this field. All you need to do in this preliminary phase is to

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understand the requirements of your clients, and then design an effective website that communicates their business objectives promptly to the end users (their customers). To put an end to the dilemma of what to do next, frame a systematic process for following every time when you start up with your novel designing or development project. Here are few effective tips for keeping you on the right track for all your web design projects, and keep you from staring blankly at your screen trying to remember it all, or even find a place to start.

This stage is where you need to collect all the possible information to kick start your designing and development work. It is always recommended to have a face-to-face (or phone-to-phone) communication with your clients and this will aid you in understanding their objectives clearly. Prepare a brief note stating the client requirements, a concise summary of the client’s business, what their target market is, competitor analysis, what they actually want to communicate along with the effective means of communication and the practicable deadline for accomplishing the project. Maintain it properly for your future reference.

The real time you invest in researching will help you throughout the entire project, all the way up until completion. Conduct a thorough study on the history of their business; scrutinize the close competitors in the market and their web designing practices, current trend in the market and the scope of the business in the future as well. This will help you to save your time while looking for essential information during the designing process, which helps greatly in avoiding repeat designs that your competitors have already thought of or possibly already implemented.


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