What is Connection Pooling?

  • A Connection Pool is a container of open and reusable connections. A Connection Pool is released from the memory when the last connection to the database is closed.


  • The Data Providers in ADO.NET have Connection Pooling turned on by default; if you need to turn it off, specify Pooling = false in the connection string being used.
  • Connection Pooling gives you an idle, open, reusable connection instead of opening a n w one v ry time


a connection request to the database is made. When the connection is closed or dispos  d, it is r  turn d


to the pool and remains idle until a request for a new connection comes in.


  • The pool can house connections up to the maximum limit as specified in the connection string that was used to connect to the database.


  • Advantage of using Connection Pooling is an improvement of performance and scalability


  • Disadvantage is that one or more database connections, even if they are currently not used, are kept open.


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