General Knowledge – Section 2

ICAO stands for
A. International Civil Aviation Organization
B. Indian Corporation of Agriculture Organization
C. Institute of Company of Accounts Organization
D. None of the above
Answer: Option A

Which of the following is not a viral disease?
a. Herpes
b. Epilepsy
c. Chicken pox

Apart from Venus, which planet rotates from east to west?
A) Jupiter
B) Mars
C) Uranus
Answer: Uranus.

National Income estimates in India are prepared by
A) Planning Commission
B) Reserve Bank of India
C) Central statistical organisation
D) Indian statistical Institute
Answer: C) Central statistical organisation

The term ‘FTZ’ stands for
a. Fast track zone
b. Free trade zone
c. Foreign trading zone
d. Fast trade zone

Ctrl, Shift and Alt are called ………. keys.
A) modifier
B) function
C) alphanumeric
D) adjustment
Answer: A) modifier

The staple food of the Vedic Aryan was
A) Barley and rice
B) Milk and its products
C) Rice and pulses
D) Vegetables and fruits
Answer: B) Milk and its products

India has largest deposits of ____ in the world.
A. gold
B. copper
C. mica
D. None of the above
Answer: Option C

What is parasol a kind of?
A) Umbrella
B) Footwear
C) Bracelet
Answer: Umbrella.

India’s first satellite is named after
A. Aryabhatta
B. Bhaskara II
C. Bhaskara I
D. Albert Einstein
Answer: Option A

Which is the largest internal organ in the human body?
A) Liver
B) Heart
C) Lung
Answer : Liver.

In which of the followings places was the last Winter Olympics Games held?
A. Albertville
B. Lillehammer
C. Sochi, Russia
D. Salt Lake City (USA)
Answer: Option C

Egypt connects the two continents:
(a) Asia and Europe
(b) Asia and Africa
(c) South America and North America
(d) Asia and Australia
Ans:(b) Asia and Africa

Human Rights Day is on
A. 24 February
B. 10 December
C. 15 May
D. 21 July
Answer: Option B

The Mariana Trench is in the __________ Ocean.
(a) Atlantic
(b) Arctic
(c) Antarctic
(d) Pacific
Ans:(d) Pacific

India has
A. largest turmeric production
B. largest tea production
C. largest ginger production
D. All of the above
Answer: Option D

In big cities like Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai, Chennai police is headed by a
A. Commissioner of Police
B. Inspector General of Police
C. Deputy Inspector General of Police
D. None of the above
Answer: Option A

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