KBC Question and Answer Episode 4

Ques: Which of these words can refer to ‘a fairly low temperature’ or ‘fashionably’ or impressive?
A) Met
B) Wow
C) Chic
D) Cool
Ans: D) Cool

Ques: What does the ‘F’ stands for in the Motorsports popularly known as F1?
A) Fast
B) Force
C) Formula
D) Fly
Ans: C) Formula

Ques: Which of these is the name of an island as well as a type of coffee?
A) Mocha
B) Arabica
C) Java
D) Oolong
Ans is C) Java

Ques: Which of these personalities is known as the ‘Flying Sikh’?
A) Gurbachan Singh Randhawa
B) Harbhajan Singh
C) Navjot Singh Sidhu
D) Mikha Singh
Ans is D) Milkha Singh

Bharatpur Bird Century was named Keoladeo Ghana National Park after a temple dedicated to which God or Goddess?
A) Kali
B) Yama
C) Kuber
D) Shiva
Ans: D) Shiva

With which religion would you associate the practice of Santhara fasting unto death?
A) Jainism
B) Sikhism
C) Shintoism
D) Buddhism
Ans: A) Jainism

The cricket Test series played between India and England in India is contested for which trophy?
A) Pataudi Trophy
B) Anthony de mello trophy
C) M A Chidambaram Trophy
D) Gooch Gavaskar Trophy
Ans: B) Anthony de mello trophy

Ques : Which of these tourist attractions is situated on an island ?
A. Ellora Caves
B. Ajanta Caves
C. Kanheri Caves
D. Elephanta Caves
Ans: D. Elephanta Caves

Which of these actress is married to a professional golfer?
A) Chitrangada Singh
B) Celina Jaitly
C) Esha Deol
D) Ayesha Takia
Ans is Chitrangada Singh married to Indian golfer Jyoti Randhawa

According to the Devi, Bhagavata, from the tears of which god is the rudraksha tree believed to have been created?
A) Vishnu
B) Shiva
C) Nhrama
D) Kamadeva
Ans is B) Shiva

Which of these is a chemical element present in the periodic table?
A) Eurocium
B) Americium
C) Asiacium
D) Africium
Ans is B) Americium

Which of these world champions is a parent of twins?
A) Sushil Kumar
B) M C Mary Kom
C) Vishwanathan Anand
D) Gagan Narang
Ans: B) M C Mary Kom

Which of these is not a work of Kalidas?
A) Raghuvamsham
B) Meghadutam
C) Vikramorvasiyam
D) Kadambari
Ans: D) Kadambari

What was the first ministerial portfolio held by Indira Gandhi?
A) Home Affairs
B) Information & Broadcasting
C) Science & Technology
D) Education
Ans is B) Information & Broadcasting

In the Film ” OMG Oh My God ” Kanji Bhai filed a case against whom for the damage of his shop due to an earthquake ?
Option : A) Bharat mata
B) Parliament ( Bhartiya Sansad )
C) Mumbai city
D) Bhagwan ( God )
Ans: D) Bhagwan ( God )

In India, under which Union Ministry does the ‘Rajbhasha Vibhag’ function?
A) Home Affairs
C) Culture
D) Law & Justice
Ans A) Home Affairs

According to a proverb, what is said to be ‘the mother of invention’ ?
A. Society
B. Problem
C. Science
D. Necessity
Ans : D. Necessity

to whom did Ravindranath Tagore dedicate his book ‘visva parichay’ written on science?
A. C v raman
b. jagdish chandra Bose
c. P c Roy
d. Satyendra nath Bose
Ans. d. Satyendra nath Bose

Which god is also known as “Dasrath Nandan’?
A: Ram
B: Agni
D: Karthikeyan
Ans: A: Ram

which of these devices convert alternating current or AC into direct current or DC?
A: Inverter
B: Transformer
C; Rectifier
D: Transmitter
Ans: C; Rectifier

Most of the world’s population of the greater one-horned rhinoceros inhabits which national park in India?
A; Manas National Park
B: Kaziranga National Park
C: Kanha National Park
D: Gorumara National Park
Ans; B: Kaziranga National Park

Which of these geometrical shapes has the least number of sides?
A: Cube
B: Pentagon
C: Square
D: Triangle
Ans; D: Triangle

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