Objective Current Affairs Questions 21 December 2018

According to an official announcement by Finance Minister, the government of India is going to infuse Rs 83,000 crore in public sector banks in the next few months of the current fiscal. Who is the current Finance Minister of India?
a) Venkaiah Naidu
b) Raj Nath Singh
c) Suresh Prabhu
d) Arun Jaitely
e) Nitin Jairam Gadkari
Answer: D)

According to Trucolr report that most 91% spam calls which country’s companies in the world?
A. Japan
b. China
c. Australia
d. India
Answer: d. India

Who was reinstated as Prime MInister of Sri Lanka?
A.Maithripala Sirisena
B.Ranil Wickremesinghe
C.Mahinda Rajapaksa
D.Karu Jayasuriya
Correct Ans:Option B

How many times Indians released by the magazine’s 2018 list of 25 influential teenagers who contributed in various fields have been located?
A. Two Indians
b. Three Indians,
c. Four Indians
d. Seven Indians
Answer: b. Three Indians

RBI limits total outstanding ECBs to what percent of Based on the gross domestic product (GDP) figures at March-end 2018?
a) 6.0%
b) 6.1%
c) 6.2%
d) 6.3%
e) 6.5%
Answer: E)

Which of the following upcoming film has been named the ‘most anticipated film of 2019’ by the global film and TV website IMDb?
B.Avengers: Endgame
C.Captain Marvel
D.Dark Phoenix
Correct Ans:Option C

Infosys announced that its Board of Directors has appointed whom as the chief financial officer (CFO) of the company?
a) Niranjan Roy
b) Nilanjan Roy
c) Nelendra Vardhan
d) Nikilesh Prabhu
e) None of these
Answer: B)

Who has been appointed as the new coach of the India women’s cricket team?
A.Venkatesh Prasad
B.Gary Kirsten
C.WV Raman
D.Trent Johnston
Correct Ans:Option C

Who among the folloiwng former Indian cricketer, has been appointed as the coach of the Indian women’s team?
a) WV Raman
b) Raman Lamba
c) VB Chandra Das
d) Narendra Hirwani
e) Raju Kulkarni
Answer: A)

Which state has emerged as the best-performing state in the Startup Ranking 2018?
A. Rajasthan
B. Kerala
C. Chhatisgarh
D. Gujarat
Answer: Option D

Harsh Vardhan Shringla appointed new Indian Ambassador to US. He will succeed whom among the following?
a) Vijay Keshav Gokhale
b) Gautam Bambawale
c) Navtej Sarna
d) Pankaj Saran
e) Syed Akbaruddin
Answer: C)

With which company, Ministry of Rural Development signed MoU for training rural youth for skill development?
B. Maruti Suzuki
C. Ashok Leyland
Answer: Option B

Who launched the Integrated Government Online Training Programme and RTI Portal on Judgments in New Delhi, recently?
A. Shri Jitendra Singh
B. Shri Harsh Vardhan
C. Shri Shripad Naik
D. Shri Radha Mohan Singh
Answer: Option A

Name the three Indian-origin students among Time magazine’s 25 most influential teens of 2018.
A.Kavya Kopparapu, Rishab Jain and Amika George
B.Kavya Kopparapu, Rishab Jain and Vijayendra Verma
C.Kavya Kopparapu, Vijayendra Verma and Amika George
D.Rishab Jain, Vijayendra Verma and Amika George
E.None of these
Answer: A)

Who among the following was appointed as the first full-time Chief Vigilance Officer (CVO) of SEBI for 3 years?
A. Arti Chhabra Srivastava
B. Veena Naik
C. Subash Mukthi Singh
D. Lal Chandra Nath
Answer: Option A

Which state has been awarded as the best performer in Start-up Ranking 2018 by the Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion (DIPP)?
a) Haryana
b) Gujarat
c) Karnataka
d) Rajasthan
e) Odisha
Answer: B)

Who sets a limit for External Commercial Borrowings at 6.5% of GDP at current market prices?
A. Central Bank of India
C. Reserve Bank of India
D. Ministry of Finance
Answer: Option C

Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change launched the ‘Asiatic Lion Conservation Project’ with an aim to protect and conserve the population of Asiatic Lion. Who is the present Minister of Environment, Forest and Climate Change?
a) Harsh Vardhan
b) Raj Nath Singh
c) Suresh Prabhu
d) Arun Jaitely
e) Nitin Jairam Gadkari
Answer: A)

recently got in, who award the top performing station in India?
(A) Nettapkkm (Puducherry)
(B) guderi (Karnataka)
(C) Kalu (Rajasthan)
(D) Munsyari (Uttarakhand)
Answer: Kalu (Rajasthan)

Union Minister of State for Civil Aviation Jayant Sinha launched an official mobile application for Global Aviation Summit 2019. GAS 2019 is scheduled to be held in __________.
A. January 2019
B. March 2019
C. April 2019
D. June 2019
Answer: Option A

Karnataka State Cabinet approved a grant of Rs.8,037.87 crore for the development works in the city under which scheme?
a) New Bangaluru Scheme
b) Sampoorna Bangaluru Scheme
c) Nava Bengaluru Scheme
d) Nayo Bengaluru Scheme
e) None of these
Answer: C)

‘Strategy for New India @75’, the national Strategy for New India released by NITI Aayog, aims to complete Bharat Net programme in which year and to complete all 2.5 lakh gram panchayats digitally?
a) 2019
b) 2020
c) 2021
d) 2022
e) None of thes
Answer: A)

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