Objective Current Affairs Questions 24 December 2018

GST rate on which item was recently changed to ‘Nil’ against earlier slab of 12 percent?
a) Marble rubble
b) Music Books
c) Frozen vegetables
d) Walking Stick
Ans:(b) Music Books

Deepali Borthakur died recently; he was also called Bulbul of Assam, which area was it connected to?
A – Game
B – Singing
C – Kabaddi
D – Cricket
Ans:B – Singing

recently who figure in the list of top 10 police stations in the country to be better in different areas?
A. Ramnath Kovind
b. Rajnath Singh
c. Sitharaman
d. Narendra Modi
Answer: b. Rajnath Singh

At what place was the Consumer Protection Bill passed recently?
A – Rajya Sabha
B – Lok Sabha
C – Assembly
D – High Court
Ans:B – Lok Sabha

When is the National Consumer Day observed across India?
a) 22 December
b) 23 December
c) 24 December
d) 25 December
Ans:(c) 24 December

What is the limit declared by the RBI raised through external commercial borrowings (ECB)?
A – 6.4% of GDP
B – 6.5% of GDP
C – 6.6% of GDP
D – 6.7% of GDP
Ans:B – 6.5% of GDP

GI Deputy Registrar g. Naidu Silav Khaja dishes of which the state has granted GI tag?
A. Kerala
b. Gujarat
c. Punjab
d. Bihar
Answer: d. Bihar

Name the Indian film that will be shown at the India-China Film Festival?
A – 2.0
B – Dangle
C – Thugs of Hindustan
D – PK
Ans:B – Dangle

When is the National Mathematics Day observed in India?
a) 21 December
b) 22 December
c) 23 December
d) 24 December
Ans:(b) 22 December

Nilanjan Roy has been appointed as CEO of which company?
A – Google
B – jio
C – Infosys
D – Airtel
Ans:C – Infosys

Recently concluded joint counter terrorism military exercise “Hand-in-Hand’ is a joint exercise of India and:
a) Pakistan
b) China
c) Russia
d) Germany
Ans:b) China

recently to 168 people by the tsunami after the volcanic eruption in which country the dead and wounded around 600 people?
A. Israel
b. Iraq
c. Iran
d. Indonesia
Answer: d. Indonesia

The National Green Tribunal banned all mining activities within 10 km radius of which Tiger Reserve?
a) Dudhwa Tiger Reserve
b) Rajaji Tiger Reserve
c) Orang Tiger Reserve
d) Sariska Tiger Reserve
Ans:(d) Sariska Tiger Reserve

In which sport in 2018. Manika Batra and Sharath Kamal has won his medal for the country?
A. Shooting
b. Wushu
c. Table tennis
d. Squash
Answer: c. Table tennis

Who was appointed as Indian ambassador to United States recently?
a) Riva Ganguly Das
b) Harsh Vardhan Shringla
c) Navtej Sarna
d) Sohan Tejwani
Ans:(b) Harsh Vardhan Shringla

Emirates Cricket Board has suspended many players of UAE cricket team due to Anushanatmk action?
A. Two players
b. Three players
c. Four players
d. The five players
Answer: b. Three players

Who has been selected to be the new acting US Secretary of Defence?
a) Ryan Zinke
b) Robert Wilkie
c) Wilbur Ross
d) Patrick Shanahan
Ans:(d) Patrick Shanahan

India’s stock market has become the world’s 7th largest market share behind which the country’s stock market?
b. Australia
c. Germany
d. France
Answer: c. Germany

Which Indian state’s film “Xhoixobote Dhemalite” won the award for best narrative feature at the Erie International Film Festival (EIFF) in the United States?
a) Mizoram
b) Assam
c) West Bengal
d) Karnataka
Ans: (b) Assam

Who among the following was denied the opportunity to be the head coach of the Indian national women’s cricket team due to conflict of interest?
a) Ramesh Powar
b) Rahul Dravid
c) Gary Kirsten
d) Venkatesh Prasad
Ans:(c) Gary Kirsten

Which country was the first to launch satellite to provide the worldwide broadband Internet service?
b. Australia
c. Japan
d. China
Answer: d. China

Who has become the fastest Asian to cycle the globe?
a) Bikram Singh
b) Amrit Singh
c) Rameshwori Devi
d) Vedangi Kulkarni
Ans:(d) Vedangi Kulkarni

Which nation will end the year 2018 as Number no. 1 in FIFA global rankings, displacing the world champions?
a) Belgium
b) Brazil
c) England
d) Croatia
Ans:(a) Belgium

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