Objective Current Affairs Questions 26 October 2018 Part 1

Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) has signed a $777 mn deal with which company to supply additional Barak-8 Long Range Surface to Air Missile (LRSAM) systems for seven warships of the Indian Navy?
(a) Defense Research and Development Organization (DRDO)
(b) Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL)
(c) Larsen and Toubro
(d) Bharat Electronic Limited (BEL)
Answer: d
Question: Who was conferred on the Tagore Award for Cultural Harmony for the year 2016?
(a) Mr. Rajkumar Singhjit Singh
(b) Mr. Jubin Mehta
(c) Chhayanaut
(d) Sri Rama Vanaji Sutar
Answer: d

Question: Bihar’s ‘Unnayan Banka’ initiative was awarded the Commonwealth Association for Public Administration and Management Award 2018. This initiative is related to:
(a) Nutrition improvement
(b) Women’s health
(c) Quality education
(d) Social security
Answer: c

Question: Tagore Award for Cultural Harmony for the year 2015 was given to Chhayanaut. Which country’s cultural organization is this?
(a) Bangladesh
(b) Nepal
(c) Myanmar
(d) Sri Lanka
Answer: a

Question: According to the Union Minister of Communications, how many Indian Wi-Fi hot spots will rollout till December 2019?
(a) 0.5 million
(b) One million
(c) 1.5 million
(d) 2 million
Answer: b

Question: In Cricket, Indian skipper Virat Kohli  broke Sachin Tendulkar’s record as the fastest batsman to score 10,000 one-day international runs. Virat Kohli scored 10,000 runs in how many innings?
(a) 205
(b) 210
(c) 214
(d) 201
Answer: a

Question: Where did NATO’s largest military exercise ‘Trident Juncture 2018’ held?
(a) Norway
(b) Serbia
(c) Ukraine
(d) Germany
Answer: a

Question: The South Eastern Railway on October 24 set up a committee to inquire into the circumstances which led to the stampede at the Santragachi station on October 23. In which state is this station located?
(a) Punjab
(b) Madhya Pradesh
(c) Maharashtra
(d) West Bengal
Answer: d

Question: Which state government has banned the sale of glyphosate, a herbicide which is extensively used in the State to control a wide variety of weeds in almost all the crops?
(a) Uttar Pradesh
(b) Rajasthan
(c) Punjab
(d) Bihar
Answer: c

Question: Where was the Global Agriculture Leadership Summit 2018 organized?
(a) Bhopal
(b) Chandigarh
(c) New Delhi
(d) Mumbai
Answer: c

Question: Who among the followings inaugurated the ‘International Arya Mahasammelan 2018’ held in New Delhi on October 25, 2018?
(a) President Shri Ram Nath Kovind
(b) Vice President Shri Venkaiah Naidu
(c) Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi
(d) Culture Minister Shri Mahesh Sharma
Answer: a

Question: Where was the BIOFACH INDIA, which is the world’s largest event on organic industry organized by Agricultural and Processed Food Products Export Development Authority (APEDA) and Indo-German of Commerce?
(a) Mumbai
(b) New Delhi
(c) Bangalore
Answer: b

Question: What is the position of India  in terms of worlds organic agricultural land?
(a) Fifth
(b) First
(c) Fourth
(d) Ninth
Answer: d

Question: What is the objective of the portal and the app  ‘Mai Nahi Hum’ started by the Prime Minister on October 24, 2018?
(a) To enable IT professionals for social causes
(b) Educate many people by an educated person
(c) Provide health facilities to the rural communities in rural areas by doctors
(d) Motivating entrepreneurs to contribute to rural development
Answer: a

Question: The Union Cabinet has approved the appointment of an Adjudicating Authority in Delhi, along with the three additional Benches and to establish the Appellate Tribunal under the  under Prohibition of Benami Property Transactions Act(PBPT), 1988. The three additional benches will be established at:  

(a) Kolkata, Mumbai and Bengaluru
(b) Chennai, Mumbai and Bhopal
(c) Kolkata, Bengaluru and Chennai
(d) Kolkata, Mumbai and Chennai
Answer: d

Question: Who has launched the ‘SVEEP’ programme, which was in the news recently?
(a) Policy Commission
(b) ISRO
(c) CSIR
(d) Election Commission of India
Answer: d

Question: Who is the CEO of Pradhan Mantri Jan Arogya Yojana, which started on 23rd September, 2018?
(a) Amitabh Kant
(b) Shaktikant Das
(c) Hashmukh Adhiya
(d) Indu Bhushan
Answer: d

Question: Who is the winner of the Seoul Peace Prize of 2018?
(a) Barack Obama
(b) Narendra Modi
(c) Bill Gates
(d) Xi Jinping
Answer: b

Question: Under whose chairmanship a Group of Ministers has been constituted on October 24, 2018, to examine the existing legal and institutional frameworks for dealing with matters of sexual harassment of women at the workplace?
(a) Home Minister Rajnath Singh
(b) Minister of Women and Child Development,  Maneka Gandhi
(c) External Affairs Minister  Sushma Swaraj
(d) Finance Minister  Arun Jaitley
Answer: a

Question: With which country did India discuss various issues pertaining to the protocol arrangements and improvement of inland water transportation between the two countries in the 19th Standing Committee meeting under ‘Protocol on Inland Water Transit and Trade’ (PIWTT) held at  New Delhi on October 24, 2018?
(a) Myanmar
(b)  Nepal
(c) Bangladesh
(d)  Sri Lanka
Answer: c

Question: Under whose chairmanship high Level Steering Committee for periodically reviewing and refining the National Indicator Framework (NIF) for monitoring of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) with associated targets was constituted on October 24, 2014?
(a) NITI Aayog Vice Chairman Rajeev Kumar
(b) CEO of the NITI Aayog Amitabh Kant
(c) Chief Statistician of India Pravin Shrivastava
(d) Minister of Women and Child Development, Mrs. Maneka Gandhi
Answer: c

Question:India and Bangladesh on October 24, 2018 agreed to consider inclusion of Rupnarayan river from Geonkhali to Kolaghat in West Bengal in the protocol route (Protocol on Inland Water Transit and Trade’) under which National Waterway ?
(a) National waterway -64
(b) National Waterway -74
(c) National Waterway -86
(d) National Waterway -92
Answer: c

Question: The Union Cabinet chaired by Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi has given its ex-post facto approval to the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signed between India and which country in June, 2018 on the constitution of a Joint Working Group (JWG) on FinTech?
(a) Singapore
(b) USA
(c) Japan
(d) France
Answer: a

Question: The Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs  has given its approval for creation of special  Fisheries and Aquaculture Infrastructure Development Fund (FIDF). What is the  estimated fund size of this fund?
(a) Rs.8,522 crore,
(b) Rs.7,522 crore,
(c) Rs.9,522 crore,
(d) Rs.6,522 crore,
Answer: b

Question: What is the target of fish production by 2020 set under the Blue Revolution ?
(a) 15 million tonne
(b) 20 million tonne
(c) 25 million tonne
(d) 30 million tonne
Answer: a

Question: At which of the following places a future investment conference called ‘Davos in Desert’ was held on October 23, 2018?
(a) Dubai (UAE)
(b) Riyadh (Saudi Arabia)
(c) Doha (Qatar)
(d) Muscat (Oman)
Answer: b

Question: Where was the world’s longest sea bridge launched on October 23, 2018?
(a)  France
(b)  China
(c)  Australia
(d)  Brazil
Answer: b

Question: The Supreme court on October 23 permitted sale and manufacture of “green” crackers which have low emission across the country and also fixed the  ime period for bursting of firecrackers on Diwali and other festivals. What is time period fixed for bursting of firecrackers on Diwali and other festivals?
(a) From 7 pm. to 10 pm.
(b) From 8 pm to 10 pm
(c) From 9 pm to 11 pm
(d) From 6 pm to 9 pm
Answer: b

Question: At which of the following places did the SAGAR Discourse 2.0 conference was inaugurated by the Vice President Shri Venkaiah Naidu on October 23, 2018?
(a) Port Blair
(b) Kochi
(c) Bambolim
(d) Visakhapatnam
Answer: c

Question: Which of the following players, who is also the goodwill ambassador of UNICEF’s South Asia region, gave away the South Asia Regional ‘Wash’ Innovation Award on 22nd October, 2018 in Bhutan?
(a) Mahendra Singh Dhoni
(b) Sachin Tendulkar
(c) P.V.Sindhu
(d) Virat Kohli
Answer: b

Question: Paul Bia was elected as the President for the seventh consecutive terms of which country?
(a) Rwanda
(b) Sierra Leone
(c) Cameroon
(d) Sudan
Answer: c

Question: Who is the convenor of the expert group formed by the Union Human Resource Development Ministry to reduce the burden of children’s school bags?
(a) S. Vijay Kumar
(b) Prof. Ranjana Arora
(c) Joseph Emmanuel
(d) A.N. Ramachandra
Answer: b

Question:  Migingo island, which was in the news recently, has been a source of tension between which the two countries?
(a) Kenya and Nigeria
(b) Rwanda and Uganda
(c) Ethiopia and Eritrea
(d) Kenya and Uganda
Answer: d
Question: According to the Central Board of Direct Taxes, the number of income tax payers have increased from 3.31 crore in 2013-14 to what in 2017-18?
(a) 5.44 crore
(b) 6.45 crore
(c) 7.32 crore
(d) 8.63 crore
Answer: a

Question: Which flower will be the symbol of India’s sacrifices when the world marks the centenary of the end of the First World War on November 11.?
(a) Marigold
(b) Lotus
(c) rose
(d) Water lily
Answer: a

Question: Due to the attacks by the tigress named Sundari, the Satkosia Tiger Reserve in Odisha was in the news recently. From which tiger reserve, tigress Sundari has been translocated to Satkosia?
(a) Sunderban Tiger Reserve
(b) Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve
(c) Screw tiger reserves
(d) Sariska Tiger Reserve
Answer: b

Question: U.S. President Donald Trump has announced that the U.S. would pull out of the Intermediate-range Nuclear Forces (INF) Treaty with which country?
(a) Russia
(b) Iran
(c) North Korea
(d) Saudi Arabia
Answer: a

Question: Where was the first India-China high level meeting on bilateral security cooperation held on October 22, 2018?
(a) New Delhi
(b) Beijing
(c) shanghai
(d) Singapore
Answer: a

Question: President Shri Ram Nath Kovind  on October 22, 2018 delivered an inaugural address on the three-day Vishwa Shanti Ahimsa Sammelan at Mangi Tungi. Where is the Mangi Tungi located?
(a) Vadodara, Gujarat
(b) Belgaum, Karnataka
(c) Nashik, Maharashtra
(d) Karnal, Haryana
Answer: c

Question: In February 2016, the Statue of Ahimsa, a 108 ft idol of which Jain Tirthankar was carved in monolithic stone which is recorded in the Guinness Book of World Records as the tallest Jain idol in the world?
(a) Lord Mahavir
(b) Adinath
(c) Parshvanath
(d) Rishabhdev
Answer: d

Question: Which committee on October 22, 2018, submitted its report on amendment in Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code of India 2016 ?
(a) Amitabh Kant Committee
(b) Arvind Pangadiya Committee
(c) NK Singh Committee
(d) Injeti Srinivas Committee
Answer: d

Question: Which of the followings is related to the ‘UNCITRAL Model Law’ which was in news recently?
(a) Cross-border invasive species trade banning law
(b) Cross border wildlife anti-trafficking law
(c) Cross-border chemical weapons trade restriction law
(d) Cross-border Insolvency
Answer: d

Question: Which country’s prime minister on October 22, 2018, issued a national apology to victims of child sex abuse in an address to Parliament, acknowledging that the state failed to stop?
(a) Canada
(b) Ireland
(c) England
(d) Australia
Answer: d

Question: What amount of fund has been approved by the Green Climate Fund for 19 new projects to help developing countries tackle climate change?
(a) 50 million dollars
(b) One billion dollars
(c) Two billion dollars
(d) Five billion dollars
Answer: b

Question: According to the notification issued by the central government, which of the following courts will serve as a special court in 34 states and Union territories (excluding Delhi) for the trial of offences under the benami transaction law?
(a) High Court
(b) Central Administrative Tribunal
(c) District Court
(d) session court
Answer: d

Question: Chinese Kunlong (AG600) successfully carried out it’s first take off and landing tests on October 20, 2018. what is Kunlong?
(a) World’s first pilot less plane
(b) World’s largest fighter aircraft
(c) World’s largest amphibious aircraft
(d) The world’s largest aircraft
Answer: c

Question: Where did the Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi hoisted the national  flag on the 75th anniversary of the Azad Hind Government?
(a) Rajpath
(b) India gate
(c) Red Fort
(d) Purana Qila
Answer: c

Question: In which memory  the Police Commemoration Day is observed on October 21?
(a) In memory of the policemen killed in Siachen
(b) In memory of the police personnel killed in communal riots
(c) In memory of the police personnel killed by Chinese troops at Hot Spring
(d) In memory of the police forces killed by the Maoists
Answer: c

Q: The Prime Minister on October 21, 2018 announced an award in the name of which person to honour those involved in disaster response operations?
(a) Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel
(b) Mahatma Gandhi
(c) Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose
(d) Deendayal Upadhyay
Answer: c

Question: At which of the following places, the National Police Memorial was dedicated to the nation on October 21, 2018?
(a) Amritsar
(b) Siachen
(c) Delhi
(d) Chandigarh
Answer: c

Question: At which place, ‘India Carpet Expo’ started on October 21, 2018?
(a) New Delhi
(b) Jammu
(c) Varanasi
(d) Lucknow
Answer: c

Question: Archaeologists have found ancient skulls with a rock clamped between the jaws, and this was supposedly done to prevent the dead from returning as vampires. It is also called the ‘Vampire of Lugnano’. In which country, was it  discovered?
(a) Egypt
(b) Italy
(c) Brazil
(d) France
Answer: b

Question: What is ‘Hong-20’, which was in the news recently?
(a) China’s stealth bomber
(b) Aircraft carrier of China
(c) China’s spy drone
(d) China’s spy satellite
Answer: a

Question: Andamalak Belihu won the Delhi Half Marathon organised on 21 October, 2018. To which country does he belong?
(a) Jamaica
(b) Kenya
(c) Rwanda
(d) Ethiopia
Answer: d

Question: The first cruise service between Mumbai and Goa started on  October 20, 2018 . What is the name of this cruise service?
(a) Shivaji
(b) Angria
(c) Palkar
(d) Shahaji
Answer: b

Question: Recently, more than 1000 ‘petroglyphs’ have been found in Ratnagiri in Maharashtra. What is petroglyphs?
(a) Potteries
(b) Ancient wells made of bricks
(c) Rock carvings
(d) Hunting tools
Answer: c

Question: Which one of the following institutions has developed ‘Drinking Water Disinfection System’ OneerTM?
(a) DRDO
(b) Indian Institute of Sciences, Bangalore
(c) CSIR
(d) IIT Delhi
Answer: c

Question: The European and Japanese space agencies launched their first joint mission ‘BepiColombo’ on October 19, 2018 for which planet?
(a) Mercury
(b) Jupiter
(c) Saturn
(d) Venus
Answer: a

Question: Recently Boka Chaul was given a GI tag for which state?
(a) West Bengal
(b) Odisha
(c) Jharkhand
(d) Assam
Answer: d

Question: Indian-American Minal  Patel Davis has been awarded the American President Award for which work?
(a) Energy conservation
(b) Climate adaption techniques
(c) Campaign against human trafficking
(d) Global campaign against apartheid
Answer: c

Question: GI tag has been given by the Government of India to Italy’s ‘Grana Padano’. What product is this?
(a) Pizza
(b) soft drinks
(c) Cheese
(d) Fabrics
Answer: c

Question: Who among the followings has been elected as treasurer of the Steering Committee of the World Steel Association?
(a) Sajjan Jindal
(b) Lakshmi Niwas Mittal
(c) T.V. Raveendran
(d) Anil Agarwal
Answer: a

Question: Which state has been given the GI tag for Shahi Lechi?
(a) Uttar Pradesh
(b) Madhya Pradesh
(c) Jharkhand
(d) Bihar
Answer: d

Question: At which place aleast 61 people were killed and 72 injured on October 19,  2018 evening, when a train mowed down a crowd of Dussehra revellers that had spilled on to the railway track while watching the burning of a Ravana effigy?
(a) Hall market Phatak
(b) Guru’s Palace Phatak
(c) Pul Kanjari  Phatak
(d) Joda Phatak
Answer: d

Question: Where was the 12th ASEM (Asia-Europe Meeting) Conference  held on October 18-19, 2018?
(a) Dublin
(b) Brussels
(c) singapore
(d) Ankara
Answer: b

Question: Bhola Singh, who died on October 19, 2018, was a BJP MP from which Lok Sabha constituency?
(a) Sheohar
(b) Purnia
(c) Chhapra
(d) Begusarai
Answer: d

( Lok Sabha MP from Bihar’s Begusarai, Bhola Singh died in New Delhi on October 19, 2018. )

Question: Which of the followings have been named as Atal-1 and Atal-2?
(a) Two virgin peaks in Gangotri glacier
(b) Two virgin peaks in Arunachal Pradesh
(c) Two protected areas of the Western Ghats
(d) Two nuclear plants of Bhabha Atomic Research Center
Answer: a
Question: Which African country after Ethiopia announced the ‘gender-balanced Cabinet’ where 50 percent of the total 26 members of the cabinet will be women?
(a) Uganda
(b) Rwanda
(c) Kenya
(d) Nigeria
Answer: b

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