Objective Current Affairs Questions 7 December 2018

India’s heaviest communication satellite that is launched successfully from French Guiana.
A. GSAT-10
B. GSAT-17
C. GSAT-11
Answer: Option C

AI 4 All Global Hackathon was organised by __________.
A. Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion
B. National Development Council
C. Ministry of Finance
D. NITI Aayog
Answer: Option D

Who inagurated the Dr. Bhim Rao Ramji Ambedkar School Of Media Empowerment (ASME), to train Dalit and tribal youth in journalism?
A. Narendra Singh Tomar
B. Thaawarchand Gehlot
C. Radha Mohan Singh
D. Ram Vilas Paswan
Answer: Option B

Noted agriculturalist Nel Jayaraman passed away recently. He belongs to which state?
A. Karnataka
B. Andra Pradesh
C. Kerala
D. Tamil Nadu
Answer: Option D

Who of the following has been elected to Asia Pacific seat on the UN’s Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights?
A. Atul Khare
B. Preeti Saran
C. Syed Akbaruddin
D. Sujatha Singh
Answer: Option B

With which country, India signed an agreement on Joint Activities under the Human Spaceflight Programme recently?
A. Morocco
B. Zimbabwe
C. Russia
D. Uzbekistan
Answer: Option C

Which team won the Admiral’s Cup 2018?
A. Nigeria
B. Singapore
C. Italy
D. Poland
Answer: Option C

eATM : Instant fund credit feature to get cash within 30 minutes launched by __________.
A. Almondz Global Securities
B. IDBI Capital
C. ICICI Securities
D. Geojit Financial Services
Answer: Option C

Who released a book ‘Blue Waters Ahoy!’ on 04 December 2018?
A. Admiral Devendra Kumar Joshi
B. Admiral Dalbir Singh
C. Admiral Bipin Rawat
D. Admiral Sunil Lanba
Answer: Option D

Where did Infosys open its new technology and innovation hub recently?
A.Hartford, Connecticut
B.Frankfurt, Germany
C.Ottawa, Canada
D.Columbus, Ohio
Correct Ans:Option A

Which company opened its new technology and innovation hub in Hartford?
A. Infosys
C. Oracle
D. Facebook
Answer: Option A

International Volunteer Day (IVD) is observed every year on 5 December. The theme of 2018 IVD is;
A. Young. Global. Active
B. Volunteers build Resilient Communities
C. Make change happen, volunteer
D. Celebrate volunteering
Answer: Option B

How much did the Tamil Nadu government for clearing the trees fallen due to Cyclone Gaja in delta districts?
A.Rs.5.80 crore
B.Rs.7.60 crore
C.Rs.8.10 crore
D.Rs.10 crore
Correct Ans:Option B

Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion, Government of Goa and this ministry hosted the annual Startup India Venture Capital Summit in Goa.
A. Ministry of Commerce and Industry
B. Ministry of External Affairs
C. Ministry of Environment and Forests
D. Ministry of Rural Development
Answer: Option A

What was the theme of World Soil Day 2018?
a) Caring for the Planet starts from the Ground
b) Soils and pulses, a symbiosis for life
c) Soils, a solid ground for life
d) Be the Solution to Soil Pollution
Ans:(d) Be the Solution to Soil Pollution

Who won the Sahitya Academy Award 2018 in Hindi Language in Novels category?

a) Chitra Mudgal
b) Sanjib Chattopadhyay
c) Anees Salim
d) Ramesan Nair
Ans:(a) Chitra Mudga

Who won 2018 ‘IAAF Female Athletes of the Year’ award?
A.Caterine Ibarguen
B.Dina Asher-Smith
C.Beatrice Chepkoech
D.Shaunae Miller-Uibo
Correct Ans:Option A

India’s longest rail-road bridge Bogibeel Bridge has been built over which river?

a) Ganga
b) Kaveri
c) Brahmaputra
d) Alaknanda
Ans: (c) Brahmaputra

Which city will host the 2023 World Athletics Championship?
A. Lisbon
B. Berlin
C. Budapest
D. Vienna
Answer: Option C

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