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Current Affairs Quiz 9th November 2017

(1) Who resigned British Minister post recently? (A) Suresh Kumar (B) Dinesh Raj (C) Vijay Prakash (D) Priti Patel (D) Priti Patel (2) Which country is re-elected Member of UNESCOs Executive Board? (A) India (B) Pakistan (C) Iran (D) China (A) India (3) Who joins forces with NASA to develop …

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Seven Truths of Career Success, for Both Good Times and Bad


1. The Most Qualified Candidate Does Not Necessarily Get the Job Offer Many times, candidates with lesser qualifications get job offers simply because they’ve prepared and presented themselves in a more compelling way. In other words, they’re better self-marketers than the other candidates. In a tight job market, being qualified …

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Why Use Personality to Choose a Career?

Personality Career

Many psychological theorists and practicing career counselors believe that you will be most satisfied and productive in a career if it suits your personality. There are two main aspects of a job that determine whether it is a good fit: The nature of the work tasks and the skills and …

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Current Affairs Quiz 12th October 2017

Fiffa World CUp

1. Visa on October 10, 2017, signed an agreement with which State government to boost digital payments? A. Karnataka B. Maharashtra C. Punjab D. Andhra Pradesh D. Andhra Pradesh 2. Which country launches fourth Michibiki satellite for hi-tech GPS? A. Japan B. North America C. South Africa D. Pakistan A. …

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Set up an RSS feed


Depending on who’s talking, you’ll hear that RSS stands for real simple syndication, rich site syndication, or RDF site summary. In all cases, though, its meaning remains the same: an RSS feed is a fi le created using a programming language called XML that contains an aggregate of all your …

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To increase your personal effectiveness

we helpline career

Whatever career you are presently engaged in, or intend to join, you may want to use the opportunities that will exist in the organization to get the most satisfaction you can from your work.For example, your work may not always be just the way you want it. Perhaps the Motivation …

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Some Common Question For Interview


Question 1           Tell me about yourself. TRAPS:  Beware, about 80% of all interviews begin with this “innocent” question. Many candidates, unprepared for the question, skewer themselves by rambling, recapping their life story, delving into ancient work history or personal matters. BEST ANSWER:  Start with the present and tell why you …

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we helpline twitter

Not everybody “gets” Twitter. Of the 300 million individuals who have signed up, only about half are active. While Twitter users account for about 20% of all Internet users, the site garners just a single-digit share of all visits to social media sites. In other words, Twitter is visited less frequently by its members …

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