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How to get more people clicking on your rankings in Google.

google ranking

Meta tags have been widely misunderstood as mysterious pieces of code SEO professionals mess around with, and the secret to attaining top rankings. This couldn’t be further from the truth. The function of meta tags is really quite simple. Meta tags are bits of code on your site controlling how …

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How to make Google pick up the keywords you want.


There are many misconceptions being circulated about what to do, and what not to do, when it comes to optimizing keywords into your page. Some bloggers are going so far as telling their readers to not put keywords in the content of targeted pages at all. These bloggers— I’m not …

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Current Affairs Quiz7th November 2017

1. Which Union Minister Inaugurated The India Pavilion at Conference of Parties(COP) 23 in Germany A. Prime Minister B. Union Petroleum Minister C. Union Ministry of Environment D. Union Ministry of Education C. Union Ministry of Environment 2.India’s first indigenously designed and developed long-range subsonic cruise missile NIRBHAY tested at? …

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What exactly is a keyword?

exactly is a keyword

If you are an SEO newbie, you may be wondering—what is a keyword? A keyword is any phrase you would like your site to rank for in Google’s search results. A keyword can be a single word, or a keyword can also be a combination of words. If you are …

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Current Affairs Quiz 6th November 2017

Commonwealth Shooting Championship

1.Which country launches two BeiDou-3 navigation satellites recently ? A.China B.Pakistan C.India D.Japan A.China 2.How many billion dollars are invested on Three-day mega food fair ? A.10 billion dollars B.15 billion dollars C.38 billion dollars D.19 billion dollars D.19 billion dollars 3.Which company CDQ Facility is provided recently ? A.Tata …

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Current Affairs Quiz 5th November 2017

magic island maker

(1) Which of the following states will hold ‘Nobel Prize Series — India 2018 (Science Impacts Life)’ in February 2018? (A) Goa (B) Gujarat (C) Maharashtra (D) Madhya Pradesh ANS- (A) Goa (2) Which of the following country unveiled Asia’s largest artificial island-building ship dubbed as “magic island maker”? (A) …

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Current Affairs Quiz 4th November 2017


1. The first edition of Prabal Dostyk the military exercise between India and Kazakhstan was held in which year? A. 2016 B. 2017 C. 2013 D. 2015 ANSWER: A 2. India, Kazakhstan armies have begun the joint military exercise in which state? A. Jammu and Kashmir B. Bihar C. Himachal …

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Current Affairs Quiz 3rd November 2017

1.Who has inaugurated the Global Clubfoot Conference in New Delhi? A. Arun Jaitley B. Ram Nath Govind C. Prakash Javadekar D. Nitin Gadkari Answer: B 2.Who is the India’s Next High Commissioner to Pakistan? A. Suresh Rajan B. Sohail Mahmood C. Vijay K. Nambiar D. Ajay Bisaria Answer: D 3.Who …

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Current Affairs Quiz 2nd November 2017


1. At least 20 people were killed in a recent blast at NTPC’s Unchahar plant situated in the state of 1) Uttar Pradesh 2) Madhya Pradesh 3) Maharashtra 4) Gujarat 5) Rajasthan 1) Uttar Pradesh 2. Which state govt has announced pension for Hindi ‘satyagrahis’ and World War-II veterans? 1) …

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Current Affairs Quiz 1st November 2017


1.How many people died in the earthquake in Lisbon, Portugal? A. 40,000 B. 100,000 C. 50,000 D. 500,000 C. 50,000 2. When was Congress of Vienna opened? A. 1814 B. 1817 C. 1805 D. 1810 A. 1814 3. Which country was defeated in the Napoleonic Wars? A. Germany B. Italy …

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How to Check Bank Balance With a Missed call


If you are looking for the easy way to check your bank account. Here is very easy way for all bank customer who want to check account balance. I came with Indian Bank Balance check missed call number and SMS number. With the help of these numbers, you can able …

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5 Major Types for Your Online Information Products Contents


If you’re trying to sell an online product, especially an information product, there are 5 types of content that usually used by many expert mar keters on the net. 1. “How to Guide/Manual”. This is the most popular types of information product. This is also usually the most popular types …

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New Dunia – यही वो दो समन्दर है

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यही वो दो समन्दर है जिसका जिक्र भगवान ने शिव महा पुराण में किया है जो आपस में कभी नही मिलते. देखने के बाद इस विडियो को आगे भी सेयेर करे ताकि दूसरे लोग भी देख सके, Facebook Comments

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Current Affairs Quiz 17th October 2017

ibm-cross-border payments

Q.1) INDRA-2017 is the Joint Exercise Between India and _________armed Forces. a) China b) Japan c) Russia d) USA e) UK c) Russia Q.2) Name the youngest Indian Actor who will begetting the statueto join Madame Tussauds Hong Kong with those of Mahatma Gandhi, Narendra Modi and Amitabh Bachchan currently …

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